21 October 2013

Nobody Understands You

Not everybody can understand you. Or worse, nobody understands you. Whatever you try to tell them, how softly you speak, they just won't understand. Or worse, they won't listen. We live in a world when people love to share. Share what they want to: how cool their vacation, how tasty their breakfast, how outgoing they are with hanging out to some cool places. Everybody loves to share about their happiness. Or worse, share about how drama their life. And it's going around and around.

Life's not cool. Admit it. I don't say that life is sucks too. Life just the way it is. You could run with a smile painted on your face and the next hours you cry. It's ok to cry, we're human not a machine. Everybody arounds me changing, the way I'm changing too. We can't blame anyone about anything. It's just life the way it is.

I grown up with some thoughts in my mind. Like how I want in my entire life. One of them is : I want to be friends with everybody around the world. Literally everybody. Yes it could be the president, the first woman who stepping in a new land outerspace, and you. Yes I have some friends to laugh with, changes every year, in a different places, come and go. I want to do something they wanted me to do. Being jerks, being smart with read similiar articles on the internet, cool enough with using slang words et cetera.

But I realize that I can't hang on them. Any of them. Even my family. People change, they move. How can I hang on something that move? My friend once said to me "Friends are come and go. You might be afraid to loose your friends. But you will. It hurts. And you have to believe to that friends made by your step. Whenever you go you'll always meet some people then become friends." As a emotional person it sounds like an offensive talk. But it still ticking in my mind, try to remind me about it. The conclusion is: I'm agree.

So when you think that friends around you just don't give some positive energy around you: CHECK. It should be an alarm to tell you that something's wrong. It could be them, or you. I don't want to be a motivator 'cause I'm still love to kick some jerks. Remember what I said before: not everybody can understand you. They're not your foe just because they don't have a concern to listen. Sometimes you just have to change your perspective. But how you can change your perspective if you spend your day trying to be what they wanted you to be? You're not a sheep, even if you're a sheep you should not follow the path they are going. We're all have our own way. Or best.

I love the photo above. Represents how I feel this recent weeks. I'm trying to let the way they are. Accept everything. Then change. There is something worse than having no friends who listen to you: being unable to listen yourself.

Photo from http://www.ignant.de/2011/10/18/bernhard-lang/

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